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    The baby's gastrointestinal development is not normal enough, and eating some milk powder will cause the baby to get angry and cause constipation. Baby constipation usually shows that it is very difficult for the baby to poop, even for several days. The baby is inconvenient. The more you eat, the more it accumulates, which will make your baby's stomach and intestines more uncomfortable. At this time, the mothers must find a way to solve the baby's constipation problem. How can Mommy help the bb便便?

    1. Adjust your diet. When your baby is six months old, you can add supplementary food to your baby, or eat some fruits and vegetables. Therefore, when the baby is constipated, Baoma can feed the baby honey and bananas. Feeding these two methods together can promote the baby's gastrointestinal motility, which is of great help to the treatment of constipation. In addition, you can give your baby some fruit juice or vegetable juice, such as carrot juice, apple juice, etc. Such juice can make the baby less constipated.

    2. To develop good bowel habits. When the baby wants to have a bowel movement, Baoma must promptly remind the baby to defecate, and after getting up and drinking milk every morning, Baoma must pee the baby and make a humming sound, so that the baby will form a conditioned reflex and take the stool as soon as possible. bb冇便便.

    3. Do exercises. If you find that your baby has constipation, or in order to prevent your baby from being constipated, Mommy needs to be more diligent and often help the baby do some exercises, such as passive exercises. If necessary, you can give your baby a massage to promote the baby's bowel movements. It is best to massage the baby's abdomen, rubbing the baby's abdomen 35-50 times in a clockwise direction.

    4, Kaisailu. After all the methods are used up, and there is still no effect, Baoma will give the baby a decanter, which can quickly help the baby to defecate. Then use other aids to make the baby's bowel movements bb便秘.

    5. Drink some warm water at ordinary times. Warm water is a good food for babies, especially for gastrointestinal peristalsis. Therefore, Bao's mother is not afraid of trouble, and she should always feed her baby with warm water to be a qualified and good mother.

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